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Here I am lapping a Formula B car, which should have been eating my car alive. The Lotus handled very well, but the car was weak... you didn't want to bang wheels with that car. 

This is the Lotus wedge we ran before getting the new Lola.

This is Jim Sutter's Mustang again. We added the fender flares, so that we could run wider tires. 

At this time, the car was still numbered as #22, Jim Sutter's number. We had a 289 under the hood.

This is turn 5 at Summit Point. You can see the angle of attack. In any kind of car, that's the way I would drive the car.

Finally, I "demanded" they run my number, #3 on the car. The 289 was replaced with a 302.

That's a Lotus Elan. There's no way in the world this big car should be sticking with it. We had it handling pretty good.  

This 427 Corvette started 1st. I started last with the 302 and here I am about to pass him.

When I was racing Jim Sutter's Cobra in the Nationals, I broke Mark Donohue's record by a full second. 

During that same race, I was lapping Bob Tulius in his white Dart. I saw him looking at me in his rear view mirror and I shot down underneath of him and he came down on top of me. He didn't realize I was going to take him at that point. I started to feather off a little, but I couldn't do much. I slid up into him and just tapped his rear bumper. A Cobra was aluminum and the door wrinkled like tissue paper. I won the race, broke the track record... and all Jim Sutter said was, "You bent it, you fix it!" 

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