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Welcome to the official Rick Mandelson web site. As an 8-time SCCA Champion, Rick enjoyed a very successful career in road racing, driving some of the most exotic machines of the day... and winning. In addition to sports cars and Formula cars, he also enjoyed success in drag racing, motorcycle racing and even stock car racing. Rick had a serious need for speed.

Although, now retired from racing professionally, Rick still has that need for speed.  These days, Rick can be found enjoying his #78 "AL Hamilton Contracting Co. Special", a beautifully restored 1971 Trevis Sprint Car.  Vintage racing has become very popular and Rick enjoys doing his part to preserve the history of the sport.


On one weekend, you might find him slinging mud with the dirt track sprint car, midget, stock car and modified crowd at any of the legendary dirt tracks of the east, such as Williams Grove, Hagerstown, Latimore Valley, or Bedford speedways.

On another weekend, you might find him burning up the asphalt at places like Jennerstown, Darlington, or Michigan, with the Champ Car, Indycar and NASCAR crowd. 


On yet another weekend, Rick will be turning left and right at places like V.I.R., Summit Point, or some other road course with his old friends from SCCA & IMSA.

Rick Mandelson is proof that sometimes nice guys do finish first.  He has a great love for the sport and enjoys sharing that enthusiasm with everyone and anyone, no matter what type of racing they may enjoy.  Rick invites you to enjoy your visit to this web site.



Rick's Career Highlights 

Rick’s road racing accomplishments include: 
1962 – Championship - FP Porsche 1600 Speedster
1963 - Most improved driver of the year
1966 - Championship - FV (Formula Vee)
1969 - Championship - FV
1970 - Championship - FV
1971 - Championship - FV
1974 - Championship - CP Porsche 911
1975 - Championship - BMod Porsche 906
1978 - Championship – AS Ford Mustang

Rick has competed in the following classes:
Open Wheel - Formula A, Formula B, Formula C, Formula Junior, Formula S, Formula Vee 
Sedan - A, B
Production - A, B, C, D, E, F, G 
Grand Touring - GT-1, GT-2, GT-3 
Modified CM, EM, FM

Track Records were held at: 
Marlboro, Summit Point, Mid-Ohio, Lime Rock & Watkins Glen. 

Types of cars driven to these records included: 
Cobra, Formula Ford, Formula Vee, Porsche, CP Porsche, 906 Porsche, Ford Mustang and Ford Fairmont.

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