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This is my 1958 Porsche Speedster, the only racecar I ever owned. Here it is in it's F Production configuration. In fact, you can still see the paint on my Michelin tires. I had just finished putting that car together.  

That's a Austin Healy hunched over behind me, followed by a Daimler, coming out of the toe of the boot at Marlboro. 

A very young Rick Mandelson

Next, I ran E Production, instead of F Production. EP was an upgrade. The California rules came in where you could do modifications to the motor, hot cam, compression, etc. My sponsors gave me 60 mm brakes to replace the 40 mm brakes that couldn't stop you at all.

In the winner's circle, after winning the WBMD Disk Jockey race. 

These next two photos were taken during a 12-hour race by Pierre Mion, who was photographer for National Geographic. He was also C Production Champion in an Arnold Bristol in 1959. Excellent driver. 

In the winner's circle, after winning the WBMD Disk Jockey race. 

The car behind me is George Alderman. He was a very good driver. He drove Can AM cars, Formula Fords against me, all sorts of cars. Great driver. All the way back in the white car is #44, Bob Tulius. The #78  car going by is Grady Davis' car. 

I drove this #54 when it was green. At a race at Williams Grove, the straps broke on the car in front of me and the gas tank fell out on the track. I hit the gas tank, shot up into the air... and I'm looking down at the crowd in the stands! That's how high up I was. I had presence of mind to turn the ignition off, so I wouldn't go up in a roman candle... it just flopped back down on its wheels. Then, they painted it red and it did pretty well after that. 

That's me in the Sutter Mustang, followed by Jim Sutter in his Cobra.

This is the car we won the 12-hour in. Earl Wenger, Wenger Construction Company in Washington, DC, owned the car. It was totally immaculate. It was one of three cars, #75, #76 & #77. Bruce Jennings, of Porsche fame, drove the #77. Gene Hobbs drove the #76. I drove the #75 in sprint races, but Gene Hobbs and I teamed up to win the 12-hour. 

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